The Space in Between
A Story about Nina

Released in 2012

by Australian author Diane Eklund-Āboliņš.

Set against a background of war and exile, this true story will take you on an unforgettable journey.

Where does the line go between good and bad? Are people fundamentally good or bad? What makes one action good and another action bad?


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The story behind the Book

In 1915, Nina, a child of nine, flees with her family as German troops move into Latvia. It is almost six years before she is able to return – her life already marked by the upheaval and tragedy of war. During the post–war years, she experiences the elation of independence and love, followed by loss and, finally, the horror of Soviet invasion. In 1944, she is forced to flee her country a second time; this time she knows that there will be no going back. Although the line between good and bad seems consistently to favour the bad, Nina holds firmly to her belief that all people are basically good.

The Space in Between is Nina's story, but it is also the story of her family. It is a story of love and survival; it is a story that can be repeated millions of times around the globe; it is not an isolated story – neither from the perspective of time nor from the perspective of place – but it is a story that should be told and retold. It gives a human face to words such as unauthorised arrivals and illegal immigrants. It presents the why when that is the only thing remaining after the devastation caused by war and violation.

Nina related parts of her story for her daughter–in–law, Diane, who eventually pulled all the pieces together into The Space in Between: A Story about Nina.

Since the launch in August 2012, the story of Nina's life has touched the hearts of many readers.

Make sure to add this unforgettable book to your reading list.

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Reader comments

I loved Nina's journey. Congratulations. I could not put it down for 3 days.

I have just finished reading your excellent book, you have done an outstanding job. Once i started I could not put it down. I now know the real story about Nikolina's life which goes beyond belief – well done.

It is well written and brings home to you the horror of war and how it affects families and communities; the horror of losing family members and destruction of a nation's heritage. It also gives you an insight into the plight of refugees, and why they leave their home country; loss of freedom, life styles and loss of trust in government.

I am just writing to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book. I LOVED it!... You had such empathy with Nina and the others, including Andris. It just amazed me how you could 'get inside their heads' so well. I totally forgot that you were the author at times, as I was so absorbed in the lives of your characters.

You have done an excellent job in portraying Nina's life. Your exhaustive accurate research both historical and political places all protagonists clearly in the despairing period that existed in Latvia and indeed all the Baltic countries. The word pictures you have painted throughout the book are most colourful and descriptive allowing the reader to be involved in the lives and actions of the characters.

... Trots en inre längtan "hem", att allt ska kunna återgå till det normala, har Nikolina visat en otrolig förmåga att anpassa sig och börja om på nytt. Vilken styrka och mod trots alla förluster!